imc FAMOS Snippets


001_Snippet Loop with pop-up message

Shows how to create a while loop and a text output
MyCount = 0
While MyCount < 10                    ;conditional loop
    MyCount = MyCount+1
    Show MyCount                    ;shows value of the variable or channel
    Sleep(2)                    ;Pause, processing of the sequence is interrupted for a specified time (number in brackets).  
SvReturn = BoxMessage("Info", "I am done", "I1")    ; Text output with prompt buttons

002_Snippet Creating a sinwave using ramp function

the ramp and the sine function are used to create a sine-function
base = Ramp(0,0.1,2* pi * 100)        ; generates a ramp (straight line with slope 1) with specifiable initial value, point interval and length
show sinus